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A coach help you sharpen your skills, allay your fears, develop your competence and work along with you to achieve your BIGGEST dreams.

That is why I want to come along with you in your quest for corporate and personal success and leadership!

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1. Direct access to my one-on-one coaching.

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4. Unlimited professional and personal coaching and counselling

5. You will receive a Specialization Certificate in Personal Effectiveness(PE) from my organization “Tremendous Life and Biz Consulting” for your participation in this program to enhance your Speaker or Coach Kit.

6. Instant ACCESS to over 100 powerful Inspirational and Motivational Ebooks from some of the best Authors in the world for FREE.

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What Is the Modality for this Program?

This is an online coaching program. We will use your most convenient platform (Whatsapp, Email, or Zoom) to communicate.

How Long Does this program take?

This is a year coaching relationship after which you can renew your studentship if you feel you still need MORE…

Can I Pay Twice?

I have made payment simple by subsidizing it to a paltry $100 a year. But I know you may be operating on a tight budget currently, if you are, you can pay twice.

you will pay 75% of the total payment before you start this program, and pay the remaining 25% 6 months into your program.

How Will I Pay?

You have several options.

You can pay through PayPal (Email: or using your MasterCard here

Or simply make bank transfer to Tremendous Consulting, IBTC, account number: 0023736271

What Happens After Payment?

You will immediately receive a message in your email inbox acknowledging the receipt of your payment, and our engagement will start immediately.

What If I’m Not Satisfied?

This is a ridiculous offer! But if you are not satisfied for any reason, I will return your money without any fuss.

I still Have Questions

Reach me on email: or Whatsapp: +1(413)4266891

Get Coached today: Act Now!